Culinary Arts

Class 27 – Convenor: Laura Daniel 905-729-2608


1  Absolutely no mixes, or canned llings.


2  Cakes: remove from pans; on sturdy cardboard 1” larger than base of cake (unless otherwise speci ed); iced with any suitable homemade icing – no store bought.


3  Pie plates no larger than 9”, may be smaller.


4  All muf ns must have paper cups removed, tea biscuits, buns, rolls, tarts, cookies, squares and candies MUST be on a sturdy paper plate and placed in a clear plastic food storage bag. No plastic wrap or tin foil.


5  Quick bread, approx. 4”x 8”, MUST be on a sturdy cardboard and placed in clear plastic food storage bag.


6  Attach tag to plate not plastic wrap.


7  New Exhibitor or anyone who did not show in the Culinary Arts

Section in 2015 or 2016 mark tag “New Exhibitor” on the front.


8  All other rules of Homecraft Division apply.


PRIZES FOR SECTION 1-21: 1ST: $4.00. 2ND: $3.00. 3RD: $2.00.

1 Muffins, banana, 4 on plate

2 Muffins, carrot, 4 on plate

3 Whole grain bran muffins, 4 on plate

4 Tea Biscuits, with raisins, 4 on plate

5 Tarts, butter, 4 on plate


6 Lemon loaf, 1/2 loaf

7 Zucchini loaf, 1/2 loaf


8 Triple chocolate chip cookies, 5 on plate

9 Oatmeal cookies, 5 on plate

10 No bake cookies, 5 on plate

11 Chocolate iced Brownies, 5 on plate

12 Date squares, 5 on plate

13 Lemon squares, 5 on plate

14 Any type of fudge, 5 on plate

15 Gingersnap, 5 on plate

16 Granola bar, 4 on plate

17 Queen Elizabeth cake, 8×8, leave in pan

18 Pound Cake, 8×8

19 Peach Pie, double crust

20 Blueberry Pie, double crust

21 Baked Pie Shell

Culinary Specials

22 Homemade Bread, white, entire crust. Prizes: 1st – $10.00, donated by THE BEETON AGRICULTURAL SOCIETY.

23 Robin Hood Family Favourite Recipe Baking Contest – Best iced round Chocolate Cake. Entry must be accompanied by a Robin Hood Flour proof of purchase. Prize: 1st – $25.00 product certificate, 2nd – $10.00 product certificate.

24 Crisco Family Favourite Recipe Baking Contest – Apple Pie, double crust. Entry must be accompanied by a Crisco proof of purchase. Prize: 1st – $25.00 product certificate, 2nd – $10.00 product certificate.

25 Corn Starch Shortbread Cookies, 5 on a plate. Prize: Butter prize donated by ALLISTON CREAMERY.

26 Coffee Cake, no larger than 8” round or 8×8” square. Prize: $10.00 donated by BEETON AGRICULTURAL SOCIETY.

27 Decorated Cup Cakes, 4 on a plate. Prizes: $10.00 donated by the BEETON AGRICULTURAL SOCIETY.

28 Best Decorated Fondant Cake – Fair Theme, no larger than 8×8” square or 8” round. Prize: $15.00, donated by THE BEETON AGRICULTURAL SOCIETY.

29 Family “Best Lunchbox Snack” Contest Best Family Homemade cookies, squares or bars. Entry must be accompanied by a Robin Hood Flour proof of purchase. 1st – $25.00 product certificate donated by ROBIN HOOD.

30 Exhibitor with most points in Class 27 Sections 1-21. Prize: $10.00, donated by the BEETON AGRICULTURAL SOCIETY.


For men and women over the age of 65

PRIZES FOR SECTION 29-32: 1ST: $5.00. 2ND: $4.00. 3RD: $3.00.

31 Tea Biscuits, 4 on plate

32 Bran Muffins, 4 on plate

33 Banana Loaf, 1/2 loaf

34 Apple Crumble, 8×8” square


For ages 16 and under

PRIZES FOR SECTION 33-36: 1ST: $4.00. 2ND: $3.00. 3RD: $2.00

35 Chocolate Chip Cookies, 4 on a plate

36 Peanut Butter Cookies, 4 on a plate

37 Chocolate Brownies, not iced, no nuts, 4 on a plate

38 Cupcakes Decorated, 4 on a plate

39 “Beginners Best Bread

Youth Contest”. Prize: $10.00.

40 Best Lunch Box Snack (homemade squares or bars). Prize: $10.00, donated by ROBIN HOOD, “Beginners Best Lunch Box Snack Contest”. Entry must be accompanied by Robin Hood Flour Label.



41 Oatmeal cookies, 4 on a plate



PRIZES FOR SECTION 40: 1ST: $5.00. 2ND: $4.00. 3RD: $3.00.

42 Decorated Cupcakes, 3 on a plate, judged on appearance only