Members, Directors, Homecraft Convenors and Honorary Members

The Directors of The Beeton & District Agricultural Society would like to thank all those who contributed to our Fall Fair, making it a long lasting tradition in our community. 166 years!

Interested in Volunteering or Joining Us as a Member?
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Special Events
Dan Boucher  905-936-5313
Mark Milligan  905-955-0553
Janice Preiss  905-729-3198

Mike Deakin  905-729-3584

Classic Car Show
Roger Findlay 905-460-6949

Bob Lisk  905-775-2846

Glenn Brethet 905-729-5002
Brian Jebb  905-729-4821

Set Up/Gates
John Rutten Jr  905-801-5168 
Jessica Rutten  905-801-5613

Glenn Brethet  905-729-5002

Beer Garden
Doug Kowalinski 905-729-0487

Demolition Derby and Tractor Pull
Tom Middlebrook  905-868-0351

Jenn Dever 905-729-0289
Michelle Woodward 905-729-2209

Mike Deakin  905-729-3584

50/50 Draw
Alex Jelly  905-955-9947

Executive for 2019
President Glenn Brethet 905-729-5002
Past President Laura Daniel 905-729-2608
1st Vice President Alison Preiss 647-668-2191
2nd Vice President Roger Findlay 905-729-2403
Homecraft President Jennifer Dever 905-729-0289
Secretary Ingrid McNeill 905-729-2225
Treasurer Beth Wink 647-209-2593

Directors for 2019

Glenn Brethet
Heather Brethet
Mike Deakin
Jennifer Dever
Roger Findlay
Alex Jelly
Dan LaChapelle
Bob Lisk
R.J. Mayberry
Tom Middlebrook
Mark Milligan
Elsie Newbigging
Alison Preiss
Debbie Walsh

Homecraft Convenors for 2022

Plants & Flowers

Class 26

    Marsha Hardwick

905 729 3937

Culinary Arts

Class 27



Bottled Goods

Class 28

Jodie James



Class 29

Deanna Dove



Class 30

Janice Preiss


Senior Citizens

Class 31

Jennifer Dever



Class 32

Jennifer Dever


Special Needs

Class 33

Michelle Woodward



Class 34

Judy Cochrane



Class 36

Rebecca Medcof-Moher



Class 37

    Lori Cook



Class 38

Nancy Lisk



Class 39



Grain, Hay & Seed

Class 41

Tom Middlebrook



Associate Members for 2019

BettyAnne Alexiou
Jim Alexiou
John Alexiou
Margaret Alexiou
Scott Archibald
Lyn Barsevskis
Anthony Bartucci
Domenic Bonello
Nicholas Bonello
Dan Boucher
Valerie Hawton-Boucher
Cara Branch
Kevin Branch
Lori Brethet
Nikki Brethet
Paige Brethet
Sarah Brethet
Scott Brethet
Kim Burgess
Sherry Cheetham
Judy Cochrane
Penny Coleman
Andrew Colwell
Dylan Colwell
Harvey Cook
Lori Cook
Debbie Crumbie
Dorothy Dale
Doug Daniel
Kathy Deakin
Matt Dedels
Tina Dedels
Dale Dever
Allison Doyle
Gerry Duffy
Judy Duffy
Joanne Dudun
Marianne Edward
Mike Edward
Amy Farrugia
Willie Freeman
Daryl Fuller
David Gay
Bonnie Den Haan
Emily Den Haan
John Den Haan
Denise Harrison
Dennis Harrison
Phyllis Henderson
Nancy Hunter
Caleb James
Jodie James
Marty James
Patricia James
Brian Jebb
Darlene Jebb
Doug Jebb
Joan Jebb
Bridget Jones
Colin Jones
Jean Keffer
Robert Keffer
Janine Kelly
Asif Khan
Barb Kowalanski
Doug Kowanlaski
Tabitha Kowalski
Ann Letts
Mary Lisk
Nancy Jean Clubine-Lisk
Scott Lisk
Helen Mabee
Phyllis Madill
Lori Mason
Steve Mason
Jessica Mayer
Joe Mayer
Mike McCarren
Janice McInnis
Debbie McKnight
Amber McLenaghan
Kristi McLenaghan
Rebecca McLenaghan
Heather McQuarrie
Kim McQuarrie
Rebecca Medcof-Moher
Terry Meginnis
Joan Middlebrook
Bob Milligan
Margaret Milligan
Nancy Milligan
Ann Mitchell
Pam Mitchell
Pamela-Jean Mitchell
Scott Mitchell
Steve Mitchell
Bradey Monahan
Brian Newbigging
Fred Nicholl
Paula Nicholl
Richard Norcross
Robin Norcross
Barbara Northwood
Shirley Payou
Brett Pinard
Brianna Pinard
Leslie Pinard
Paisley Pinard
Rob Pinard
Chelsea Postill
James Postill
Keith Postill
Roxena Postill
Janice Preiss
Matthew Rizza
Paul Rizza
Liam Roberts
John Rutten
Jesse Scime
Samantha Sinclair
Becky Slaughter
Donna Somers
Tom Somers
Alexandra Stewart
Stew Stewart
Gail Street
Alexander Tayam-Powis
Carrie Teather
Barry Tibbetts
Anita Treadwell
Steve Tymkow
Brenda Wickson
Garry Williams
Jason Woodward
Michelle Woodward
Phyllis Woodrow
Vanessa Young

Honorary Directors for 2019

M.P. Dr. Kellie Leitch
M.P.P. Jim Wilson
Warden of Simcoe County George Cornell
Mayor New Tecumseth Rick Milne
Mayor Bradford/West Gwillimbury Rob Keffer
Mayor Adjala/Tosoronto Floyd Pinto