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Event List

We are on pause for a year.  The event and competition information for our past year is online to give you an idea of what will likely be similar the 2021 classes and sections.  Use this to get ready for next time.  New Competitions and Contests information will be online in the new year.

Daily at Beeton Fair

2019 List of Events

 Thursday, September 12 
7:00 p.m.Placing of ExhibitsBeeton Arena
 Friday, September 13 
8:00 a.m.Placing of ExhibitsBeeton Arena
11:30 a.m.Arena ClosesBeeton Arena
12:30 p.m.Judging CommencesBeeton Arena
4:00 p.m.Magical Midways IncMidway
6:00 p.m.Beer GardenFairgrounds
7:00 p.m.Fair Grand Opening CeremonyBeeton Arena
7:00 p.m.Guest Speaker: Bob WebberArena Stage
7:00 p.m.Exhibit Hall OpensBeeton Arena
6:30 p.m. Tim RonanBeer Garden
9:30 p.m.One Ugly CowboyBeer Garden
 Saturday, September 14 
8:00 a.m.Fairgrounds openFairgrounds
8:00 a.m.North food booth opensFairgrounds
9:00 a.m.ReptiliaCentre Field
9:30 a.m.Parade AssemblesMain St Plaza
10:00 a.m.Exhibit Hall opensBeeton Arena
10:00 a.m.Food Booth opensFairgrounds
10:00 a.m.Rabbit, Cavy & Poultry ShowFairgrounds
10:00 a.m.4H Sheep ShowFairgrounds
10:30 a.m.Magical Midways IncMidway
10:30 a.m.ParadeMain St
11:30 a.m.Woofjocks Dog ShowFairgrounds
11:30 a.m.Junior Dairy ShowFairgrounds
11:00 a.m.noon Baby Show registrationBeeton Arena
11:30 a.m.Kids AmusementsKids Zone
12:00 p.m.Johnson CreekBeer Gardens
12:00 p.m.Baby ShowBeeton Arena Stage
12:00 p.m.4H Boys and Girls SpecialFairgrounds
12:00 p.m.4H Miniature Horse ShowFairgrounds
12:00 p.m.Wiener Dog RacesN Fairgrounds
12:00 p.m.Bradford/Beeton 4-H Dairy Club & Inter Club Combined ShowFairgrounds
12:00 p.m.Buba the ClownFairgrounds
12:30 p.m.Beer GardenFairgrounds
1:30 p.m.Woofjocks Dog ShowFairgrounds
1:00 p.m.Registration for Spelling BeeArena Stage
1:00 p.m.Open 4-H Beef Inter-Club CompetitionCentre Fairgrounds
1:30 p.m.Judging of SheepFairgrounds
1:30 p.m.Goat YogaMovie Stage
2:00 p.m.Spelling BeeBeeton Arena Stage
2:00 p.m.OTTPA Garden Tractor PullTractor Pull
2:30 p.m.4H Beeton Fair Champion Livestock ShowpersonFairgrounds
2:30 p.m.Awarding of Beeton Fair Champion Livestock ShowpersonFairgrounds
3:00 p.m.Woofjocks Dog ShowFairgrounds
4:00 p.m.Bicycle DrawBall Diamond
4:30 p.m.Roast Beef DinnerUpstairs Arena
5:00 p.m.Exhibit Hall ClosesBeeton Arena
5:00 p.m.Collect entries & prize moneyArena
8:00 p.m.Beeton TriviaArena Upstairs
8:00 p.m.Dusk Movie in the Park AladdinPark
 Sunday, September 15 
8:00 a.m.Fairgrounds OpenFairgrounds
11:00 a.m.North Food Booth OpensFairgrounds
10:30 a.m.Classic Car, Truck & Motorcycle Show RegistrationFairgrounds
10:30 a.m.Magical Midways IncMidway
12:00 p.m.Classic Car, Truck & Motorcycle ShowFairgrounds
12:30 p.m.Beer GardenN Fairgrounds Ring
1:00 p.m.Demolition DerbyN Fairgrounds Ring
5:00 p.m.50/50 DrawN Fairgrounds