Homecraft President’s Message

This year marks our 167th year of the Beeton Fall Fair. On behalf of the Homecraft Division, I welcome all exhibitors (new and previous), friends, and visitors to join us this year as we celebrate our Hometown Harvest themed fair.

Our Homecraft Division is made up of 12 dedicated Convenors and many volunteers. It’s through the hard work and dedication of these volunteers, the many exhibitors and competitors plus the enthusiasm and countless hours that the Directors and office staff spend to make the Beeton Fall Fair Homecraft Division a success.

Last year, after having a few years without a fair, we were thrilled with the amount of exhibits that we had entered. This year, I hope we get twice as many.

The theme of “Hometown Harvest” has been incorporated into many of the different homecraft categories. I hope as you browse through the categories, you find at least one section that you would like to participate in. Maybe you have your grandmas’ secret cookie recipe, or your mom’s jam recipe.

Maybe you have an interest in flowers or you have a vegetable garden? Maybe you have an interest in art or photography. A knack for quilting or knitting. Whatever interests you, we have a section that you can enter. There are many categories you can enter, and you might just win! Imagine bragging that your jam won a first-place ribbon at the Beeton Fall Fair?

Homecraft is truly an integral role of a small country fair, and we encourage you to stop by the arena Friday evening or during the day Saturday to check out the exhibits that community members have entered, that are proudly on display.

The Homecraft division hopes you enjoy your visit to the Beeton Fall Fair.


Michelle Woodward,

Homecraft President Beeton & District Agricultural Society