Bottled Goods

Class 28 – Convenor Alison Preiss 647-668-2191


1  All entry tickets must be attached to jars (not to the lids) – elastic bands preferred


2  Entries may be shown in an appropriate sized jar, but there are no size restrictions.


3  Omit using paraffin or saran. Please use new lids.


4  All entries will be disqualified unless properly sealed.


5  New Exhibitor or anyone who did not show in Class 28 in 2015 or 2016, mark tag “New Exhibitor” on the front.


6  All entries must be labeled with product name and date of preparation.


7  Must have been prepared within one year of judging date.


8  All other rules of Homecraft Division apply.

PRIZES FOR SECTIONS 1-20: 1ST: $4.00. 2ND: $3.00. 3RD: $2.00


1 Strawberry freezer jam

2 Strawberry jam

3 Raspberry jam

4 Blueberry jam

5 Red pepper jelly

6 Marmelade of your choice

7 Sweet Jam of your choice, not listed above (named)

8 Sweet Jelly of your choice, not listed above (named)

9 Savory Jam or Jelly of choice (named)


10 Pickles (cucumber: bread & butter, dill, or other)

11 Pickled beets

12 Chili sauce

13 Relish of your choice

14 Pickled vegetable or fruit of your choice, not listed above (named)

15 Preserved fruit of your choice

16 Salsa, medium hot (choice of container)

17 Garden Bounty: Choice of product from categories above, where 80% of ingredients used were grown by the entrant


18 Gift Basket – Must contain a collection of Jam, Relish, Salsa or Jelly in Bernardin mason jars & SNAP Lid® along with appropriate gifts (Cracker, Biscuit Mix, Tea etc.) Not to exceed $20.00 value. Judges select winner based on creativity, quality of home canned product, perceived value & appropriateness of presentation. $20 Prize Do- nated by RON LISK CULVERTS & $20 Gift Certi cate plus Rosette prize ribbon donated by BERNARDIN.

19 BERNARDIN Best of Show Award – Selected from all regular categories.- 1st prize $30.00 Gift Certi cate plus Rosette Prize Ribbon.

20 BERNARDIN JAM/JELLY AWARD – Selected from all Jam/ Jelly categories. 1st prize $20.00 Gift Certi cate plus Rosette Prize Ribbon

21 CANADA 150: Jam or Jelly containing Canadian maple syrup. Prize donated by Johnny’s Maple Syrup

22 CANADA 150: Jam, Jelly or Preserve made using recipe passed down from within your family. Please include a recipe card of the recipe. Prize: $10 donated by the Beeton & District Agricultural Society, plus winning recipe published in the 2018 Beeton Fair Book.

23 New exhibitor (anyone who did not show in class 28 in 2015 or 2016) with most points. Prize donated by Alison Preiss.

24 Exhibitor with most points in Class 28. Prize $15.00, donated by Beeton Agricultural Society