Class 37: Convenor: Lori Cook 905-584-1319

  1. Antiques are generally at least 50 years old, age of entry will be considered in judging process.
  2. Small cracks or flaws will NOT disqualify entry.
  3. Security will be provided at night.
  4. THE DIRECTORS WILL NOT BE RESPONSIBLE FOR ARTICLES BROKEN OR LOST, but will render assistance toward their recovery.
  5. Tags will be opened after judging.
  6. Place small entries on a small tray. TRAY will not be judged.
  7. New Exhibitor or anyone who did not show in Antiques in 2015 or 2016 mark tag “New Exhibitor” on the front.
  8. All other rules of Homecraft Division will apply.

PRIZES FOR SECTIONS 1-31: 1ST: $3.00. 2ND: $2.50. 3RD: $2.00


1 Broach with colour

2 Pendant with or without chain

3 Ladies Gloves

4 Scarf

5 Evening Bag


6 Glass vase, under 8” tall

7 Soda pop bottle

8 Enamel item, not larger than 12” x 12”



9 Tie pin & cufflink set

10 Pipe

11 Ashtray for table top

12 Man’s hat

13 Photo of man and his car or truck


14 78 RPM record

15 School text book

16 Brass item, less than 12” x 12”

17 Family photo, mounted, not larger than 8” x 10”

18 Musical instruments, not larger than 12” x 24”



19 Canada pre-1967 item

20 Canada Centennial Glassware

21 Canada Centennial China plate

22 Canada Centennial Cloth item (eg: top, tablecloth, ag etc.)

23 Canada Centennial Memorabilia not mentioned above

24 Ontario pre-1967 item

25 Ontario Centennial Glassware

26 Ontario Centennial China item

27 Ontario Centennial Cloth item (eg: top, tablecloth, ag, etc.)

28 Ontario Centennial Memorabilia, not mentioned above


29 3 old Postcards

30 3 old Canadian Stamps

31 3 pieces of Cutlery, e.g. knife, fork, and/or spoon


32 Theme special by Convenor; Celebrate and display our local “Rural Roots”. On a tray display local memento(s) of your childhood, of the town of Beeton, and family member’s local reward. You can display by ribbon, newspaper article, local team jersey, trophy, and/or photo. Use your imagination and show off the history of the area. One or two sentences to explain to others your story. Prize: $25.00, donated by LORI COOK.

33 New Exhibitor, anyone who did not show in Antiques in 2014 or 2015, with most points in Class 37.Prize: $15.00

34 Exhibitor with most points in Class 37. Prize: $20.00