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  1. The grade a student is in at the end of June 2019 is the grade section under which he/she will submit entries (Exception -students entering kindergarten in September 2019 may enter exhibits in the ‘Kindergarten’ section).
  2. All exhibits must be the original work of the student.
  3. All entries will be judged on originality of idea, creativity, and overall effect.
  4. If entry is not worthy of a prize, judges may disqualify an entry.
  5. Exhibitors are allowed only one entry in each section.
  6. Judge’s decision will be final.
  7. Exhibits are placed in classes at the owner’s risk.
  8. Blue tickets must be filled out for each entry. At the top (visible) print the class, section number and the full name of the article. At the bottom pupil’s name and school should be printed and the tab folded up so as to cover. INCOMPLETE ENTRY TICKETS WILL NOT BE JUDGED. Home schooled exhibits must include a phone number and address along with the students name.



  1. All entries must be delivered to the Beeton Arena by parent or school representative on Thursday, Sept. 12, 2019 between 7:00 p.m. and 9:00 p.m. or Friday, September 13,
  2. 2019 between 8:00 a.m. and 11:30 a.m.
  3. No exhibits are to be removed from the hall until 5:00 p.m.
  4. Saturday, September 14, 2019.
  5. If a school representative does not pick up exhibits by
  6. 6:00p.m. Saturday, September 14, 2019, they may be claimed on Sunday September 15th between 10:00am – noon or on Monday, September 16, 2019 between 9:00 a.m. and 11:00 a.m. Beyond these times, the school committee will not be responsible for school items and they will be recycled.
  7. NOTE: Parents, encourage children, but take no part in their work.
  8. Teachers are asked to check that their students (especially in lower grades) are entering exactly what is specified in each section.



Mel Mitchell Memorial Plaque will be presented to the school accumulating the most points in the school section. It will be presented at the opening ceremonies, On Friday September
13th, 7:00pm in the Arena.
In addition, the winning school will be presented a monetary award of $350.00 for the school library.
The individual prizes for the Primary, Junior and Intermediate students will receive a certificate and $20.00.
Points will be awarded as follows: 1st – 5; 2nd – 4;
3rd – 3; 4th – 2; and 5th – 1. PRIZES FOR SECTION 1-20: $3.25;
$2.25; $1.75; $1.50; $1.25.

Primary Kindergarten Section

  1. Printing: Your own first name, on lined or unlined paper.
  2. Picture: Theme -“Flowers” – draw and colour a picture of a flower or flowers, any medium.
  3. Picture: Theme -“Torn Paper” – use pieces of torn paper glued onto construction paper to make a picture – no templates.
  4. Picture: Theme – “ Me and a Pet”, draw and colour a picture of yourself and your pet or a pet you would like to have, any medium.
  5. Craft: Make a 3D farm animal’s face, any medium.


*See Specials # 21 & 23

Grade One Section

  1. Printing: In pencil on lined paper: I like coming to the fair.
  2. Picture: Draw a picture of yourself doing something to help at school or home, any medium
  3. Craft: Make a folded paper fan, make it colourful, any medium
  4. Picture: Draw a picture of a building(s) that you would see in your community (i.e. house, barn, firehall, school), any medium
  5. Craft: Make a puppet


Grade Two Section

  1. Printing: In pencil, on lined paper, this poem: The Pumpkin Orange, round Cold, firm.
  2. Picture: Draw a picture showing the members of your family, any medium
  3. Craft: Make a fall decoration
  4. Picture: Draw a picture showing a farm, any medium
  5. Poster: Create a poster showing a safety rule that you would use at school or at home. Print the rule on the poster

*See Specials # 22 & 24

Grade Three Section

  1. In pencil, on lined paper, this poem: Pumpkin Pumpkin, pumpkin big and round, I’m glad you grow upon the ground. I’m glad you don’t grow in a tree For then you might fall down on me.
  2. Picture: Draw a picture depicting pioneer times
  3. Picture: Draw a picture reminding people to recycle
  4. Picture: Draw a picture of a farm, any medium
  5. Poster: Make a colourful poster with your favourite cartoon character on it

*See Specials # 22 & 24

Specials: Kindergarten, Grade 1, Grade 2, Grade 3 Specials

  1. Kindergarten & Grade 1 – Beeton Fair Picture: Draw a picture, named, of an event you would see at the 163rd Fair (i.e. parade, horse show, baby competition), any medium.
  2. Grade 2 & Grade 3 – Beeton Fair Picture: Draw a picture, named, of an event you would see at the 163rd Fair (i.e. parade, horse show, baby competition), any medium.
  3. Vegetable Person/Animal/Bird/Insect:  Open to Kindergarten and Grade 1. Create using more than one actual vegetable.
  4. Vegetable Person/Animal/Bird/Insect:  Open toGrades 2 and 3. Create using more than oneactual vegetable.



Grade Four Section

  1. Cursive Writing: On lined paper, this poem: Pumpkin lying on the ground How’d you get so big and round? Planted as a seed so small, Now you are a great big ball.
  2. Picture: Draw a still life of your favourite food, any medium.
  3. Create: A flag for Beeton depicting Bees and Honey
  4. Craft: Make a mask, any medium
  5. Poster: Create a poster showing an animal(s)  in its natural habitat


Grade Five Section

  1. Cursive Writing: On lined paper, this poem: Pumpkin Head We bought a pumpkin big and round that lived the summer through without an eye to look at things… and now it looks through two. It used to be all dark inside when growing on the vine, but now it has a toothy smile and face that’s full of shine.
  2. Picture: Draw a picture showing the use of light in the community (i.e. neon lights, dim restaurant lights) any medium.
  3. Photo: 2-4 photos of your family pet, digitally produced collage.
  4. Craft: Make a greeting card for any occasion
  5. Poster: Create a poster showing a scene in two seasons (ie: tree in winter, tree in summer)


Grade Six Section

  1. Cursive Writing: On lined paper, this poem: One day I found two pumpkin seeds. I planted one and pulled the weeds. It sprouted roots and a big, long vine. A pumpkin grew; I called it mine. The pumpkin was quite round and fat. (I really am quite proud of that.) But there is something I’ll admit That has me worried just a bit. I ate the other seed, you see. Now will it grow inside of me?
  2. Picture: drawing representing an Indigenous group.
  3. Design a paper T-shirt for your favourite sports team, not computer generated.
  4. Create a picture of fireworks on black and white paper, any material
  5. Poster: Design a pair of cowboy boots



  1. Fair Picture: Draw a picture, named, on any aspect of 163rd Beeton Fall Fair, any medium.
  2. Design a CD cover for any music group, or for your- self, any medium, hand drawn.
  3. Design a logo and name for a brand new sports team, maximum size 8 1/2” x 11”, computer generated.
  4. Pumpkin Art: Create a picture depicting pumpkins, any medium.



Grades Seven & Eight Section

  1. Create an illustration for a gaming figure, any medium, name thebook.
  2. Create an original “Coat of Arms” for the Beeton Fall Fair.
  3. Photography: Theme “Nature”, digitally produced collage.
  4. Create gaming cover 8” x 8” maximum (computer generated).
  5. Sketching: A pencil sketch of any subject, no larger than 11” x 14”.



  1. Poster advertising Beeton Fall Fair (i.e. date, place, 163rd year, etc.), any medium.
  2. Create an Inukshuk, 6” to 12” maximum, made from rocks (clear glue gun, or glue works great).
  3. Create a picture depicting pumpkins, any medium.



Creative Writing Competition
Sponsored by the Beeton Agricultural Society


  1. Grade 7 – Short Narrative
  2. Grade 8 – Short Narrative
  3. Grade 7 & 8 – Poetry



  1. The submission MUST be the original creation of the student in his/her grade seven/eight year in the month of the Beeton Fall Fair.
  2. Topic(s) may be the student’s own choice.
  3. The Short Narrative should be a minimum of 250 to 500 words in length.
  4. All grade seven/eight students may submit one piece of Short Narrative and one Poem.
  5. Submissions must be on 8.” x 11” (letter size) paper and must be neatly and legibly written, printed or typed.
  6. Illustrations are not necessary.