Photography Class 34


CONVENOR: JUDY COCHRANE                                       705-435-4950


1 Competition open to amateurs only.
2 All snapshots must be mounted on construction paper ONLY, with a border of 1” approximately. No bristol board of any thickness may be used. This use could cause disqualification of entry.
3 No snapshot larger than 5”x7”.
4 Only 1 snapshot per section, unless otherwise stated.
5 New Exhibitor or anyone who did not show in 2018 or 2019 please mark tag “New Exhibitor” on the front.
6 All other rules of Homecraft Division apply.

PRIZES: 1ST: $3.00. 2ND: $2.50. 3RD: $2.00

1 Photo incorporating pumpkin(s) (ie: decoration, field)
2 Photo incorporating insects.
3 Black and white photography.
4 Scarecrows or Halloween decorations, costumes.
5 Winter scene including manmade structure (ie. fence, building).
6 Photo of baby animal(s), fish or birds, wild or domestic.
7 Vacation photo. Please name location or country.
8 Natural or man-made lake, pond or stream.
9 Building or structure (ie: house, barn, bridge).
10 Photo of an old item (ie. tool, building, car).
11 Photo or emergency response vehicles, equipment or people (old or new photo).
12 Cemetery or gravestone / monument.
13 Set of 2 pictures of farm equipment, one item new, one item old.
14 SPECIAL – Computer changed picture – two prints – original before and then after on the same matte.
15 SPECIAL – New Exhibitor (anyone who did not show photography in 2018 or 2019) with most points in Class 34. Prize: Studio sitting + 8”x10” portrait, donated by Phil Steingard Studio, Alliston.
16 SPECIAL – Exhibitor with most points in Class 34. Prize: $15.00.

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