Photography Class 34







  1. Competition open to amateurs only.
  2. All snapshots must be mounted on construction paper ONLY, with a border of 1” approximately. No bristol board of any thickness may be used. This use could cause disqualification of entry.
  3. No snapshot larger than 5”x7”.
  4. Only 1 snapshot per section, unless otherwise stated.
  5. New exhibitor or anyone who did not show in 2019 or 2022 please mark tag “New Exhibitor” on the front.
  6. All other rules of Homecraft Division apply.


Prizes for section 1-16: 1ST: $3.00 2ND: $2.50 3RD: $2.00

  1. Photo incorporating pumpkin(s) (i.e., decoration, field)
  2. Photo incorporating insects
  3. Black and white photography
  4. Scarecrows or Halloween decoration, costumes
  5. Winter scene including man-made structure (i.e., Fence, building)
  6. Photo of baby animal(s), fish or birds, wild or domestic
  7. Vacation photo. Please name location or country
  8. Natural or man-made lake, pond or stream
  9. Building or structure (i.e., House, barn, bridge)
  10. Photo of an old item (i.e., Tool, building, car)
  11. Photo or emergency response vehicles, equipment, or people (old or new photo)
  12. Cemetery or gravestone/monument
  13. Set of 2 pictures of farm equipment, one item new, one item old
  14. Special: Computer changed picture – two prints – original before and then after on the same matte
  15. Special: New Exhibitor (anyone who did not show photography in 2019 or 2022) with most points in Class 34. Prize: Studio sitting + 8”x10” portrait, donated by Phil Steingard Studio, Alliston
  16. Special: Exhibitor with most points in Class 34. Prize: $15.00, donated by the Beeton Agricultural Society

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