Handcrafts Class 30


CONVENOR: JANICE PREISS                                         905-729-3198

1 All exhibits must be handmade and the work of the exhibitor.
2 All articles shown two years previous are not eligible for a prize.
3 Judge’s decision is final.
4 Judges will be instructed by the directors to discard all soiled or old work.
5 Exhibitors are allowed only one entry in each section.
6 New Exhibitors or anyone who did not show in 2018 or 2019 please mark your tag “New Exhibitor” on the front.
7 Amateurs only.
8 All other rules of Homecraft Division apply.
9 All knitted and crocheted items MUST have a swatch of yarn attached. *If not included, item will be disqualified.

PRIZES FOR SECTION 1-33: 1st: $4.00, 2nd: $3.00, 3rd: $2.00
1 An accessory for your pet
2 1 bookmark, any medium
3 1 bazaar article cost $10 or less to make, fabric or other material
4 Bazaar article cost of $10 or more
5 Item made with burlap
6 Wine bottle carrier
7 Art design, including feathers
8 Hand painted denim item
9 1 article of jewelry, a pair of earrings considered 1 piece
10 Article of stained glass
11 Article suitable for a Hostess gift
12 Item made from recycled materials or items
13 1 card for any occasion, handmade
14 Item made with felted wool
15 Adult Coloring page – mounted with border
16 1 article of decorative stamping
17 Placemats, set of 2
18 Handcrafted animal – any medium
19 Handmade purse
20 Painted Mason Jar
21 Unique or unusual handcraft
22 Article made of pottery or clay
23 1 scrapbooking page: special occasion – e.g. 1st birthday, 40th etc.
24 1 scrapbooking page of vacation memories
25 Painted Rock, any design
26 Table topper or runner
27 Door Wreath, ready to hang, any occasion
28 1 tree ornament, ready to hang, any material
29 Christmas Tree topper
30 Item made of Wood
31 Useful Birdhouse or Feeder
32 Wood Carving, not to exceed 24”L x 24”W x 18”H
33 Any item not listed in above categories
34 SPECIAL – Best of Show, section 1-33. Prize: $20 donated by BEETON AGRICULTURAL SOCIETY.
35 SPECIAL – Bernardin SNAP Lid® / Mason Jar Creative Craft Award: Best decorative or functional homemade craft made using a Bernardin mason jar(s). Prize is $20 Gift Certificate plus Rosette prize ribbon.
36 SPECIAL – Duct Tape Fall Fair item in “Family Traditions” theme. (80% of the entry must be duct tape. Prize 1st: $10, 2nd: $5, 3rd: $3
37 SPECIAL – Any item, any medium incorporating the theme “Family Traditions” Prize: 1st: $10, 2nd: $5, 3rd: $3
38 SPECIAL – New Exhibitor (anyone who did not show in Class 30 in 2018 or 2019) with most points. Prize: Certificate, donated by BEETON DISTRICT AGRICULTURAL SOCIETY



When you go to the Hardware, do you reach for the DUCT TAPE? When something breaks, do you reach for the DUCT TAPE? 

Then you need to enter THE DUCT TAPE COMPETITION!

1      80% of entry must be duct tape

2      Use any type or colour of duct tape

3      Make your entry as small or large as you want

4      Age Groups 1. Children up to 12 years  2. Adult, 13 years & older
Prize per age group – 1st: $10, 2nd: $5, 3rd: $3

5      No exhibits may be removed from the arena until 5:00 pm on Saturday, September 17, 2022





Class 30 – Section: 40

For kids 16 years and younger

Please mark age on entry tag

Build a backdrop within a shoebox, scenery may be non lego (paint, paper, twigs, etc.) Incorporating the fair theme of “Family Traditions” Must use a minimum of 150 pieces of lego.

Prize: 1st: $5.00, 2nd: $4.00, 3rd: $3.00


1       All entries must be of original design and must not be created from a kit pattern.

2       Only one entry per person.

3       Entries must be submitted in a box of any material strong enough to support them.. Entries will be on display in the arena and may be picked up on Saturday at 5 p.m.



Click the tabs below to get instructions, entry forms and rules from each of the tabs.

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